The Fugowee Railroad?

We HueWoMans do not really know equivocally Who, What, When, Where, Why and How we are? All the great accomplishments of our proud egotistical sciences have a long way to go, eh?

Many years ago meselves’ goober well meant audit team of six was performing a Management Audit of the effectiveness, efficiency and economic impact of a New York State Scholarship and Assistance Program? During an early Audit Plan meeting one of the two lead auditors suggested we needed to step back and see exactly where we were in the progress of the audit plan? He said perhaps we were at a point similar to those great Polynesian Rapa Nui Fugowee sect of indigenous peoples on Mo’ai or Easter Island who built the most unbelievably magnificent monoliths to the honor of their chiefs?

Besides being a well experienced lead auditor he was well versed in history, archeology and the humanities? He said these incredible indigenous statue makers had some strange ingenious dance chants they used to perform to help their creativity and know where they were in the universe? They would dance into intuitive trances around their latest beyond comprehension magnificent creation singing, then chanting, then singing, then chanting over and over the same five words? Translated, the words amounted to in English as: “We’re the fug ow we or where the fug are we?” It could just as easily be the other W words of What, When, Where and Why? Eh?

Hopefully no one is offended by this well intended joke from our lead auditor 44 years ago, but it definitely demonstrates we need to reach deep into our minds, spirits and souls, realize the true agonies we are confronted with and Race together and not against each other competitively?

Around ten years later meselves was confoundedly confronted with the insanity of two groups within the same Race acting so incredibly against each other, it was incomprehensible. The Racial divide is just like language? It is a human domestication tool being used to control us HueWoMans? We are powerful spiritual beings existing seemingly in Matter somehow? We will never win our Race divided. We all know who the greatest forgivers are and we should honor them in a way where we make sacrifices and magnificent statues of the forgivers? But our work is just beginning as there is more slavery on our Mother Blue Planet now than ever before? WT? 40MILLION? estimated Per World Population Review: “While over a hundred countries still have slavery, six countries? have significantly high numbers:

  1. India (18.4 million)
  2. China (3.4 million)
  3. Pakistan (2.1 million)
  4. Bangladesh (1.5 million)
  5. Uzbekistan (1.2 million)
  6. North Korea (1.1 million)

AND we be worrying about how we is going to make our nut or amuse ourselves today? Are we scuba diving in Egypt? As in de Nile? FN DENIAL???

Perhaps it is a universal yearning of all us HueWoMans and we will never BE FREE to really know until we know nothing but the all there is alone creator consciousness before and beyond the eternal infinity of the nil void which we are created from and are a part of it all forever? Sometimes when we want to try to grasp the seemingly creator chaos madness comprehension, just close your eyes, and go out way above Mother Blue Planet and look down to see her loving beauty? There is no evil observable only the true beauty of Mother Nature. Well, when Mother Nature takes lives and causes what appears as chaotic destruction to us with the deaths of many HueWoMans, perhaps we are forgetting the suffering and death is just an illusion like space time matter and even Mother Blue Planet knows this and will die and be recreated too?

Thinking Thanking Thoughts to the Totalities of our Creations?





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William Tucker

William Tucker

Eternally of THE ONE ALONE Creator Consciousness of ALL Infinite Existence & Nil Void Before & Beyond Space Time Illusion? Ready? Set? Create,Love,Live,Play…???