Thank you for your service devoted to the loving of Mother Nature and Mother Blue!!!

Just a few amazing observations relative to the illusion that are quite obvious that the beings behind the curtain are not interested in anyone representing us here in the good ol US or anywhere on earth for that matter?

We have secret ballots because we are afraid of whom?

Most Media expressed total shock when the germaphobe aspertame la gran orange narcissus won? Guess they do not have any data sampling capabilities or were trying to manipulate him away?

All they had to do was show a few snippets from the youtube 2009 comedy roast of the old orange crumbsickle for a few weeks before the election?

And now they give us poor ol' Joe the self wondering puppet Jesuit warmonger to synch up with the desperate little ego chesswisher Put IN puppet KGB pootin who wants to get as rich as possible as fast as possible and be dictator for life?

You just cannot orchestrate this any better even if the wicked witch of the west AND the NOVEL'S other two wicked witches got together with the good witch of the North Glinda and further enslaved Winkie Country?

Hope you found this somewhat perceptive and hopefully informative and entertaining?



Eternally of THE ONE ALONE Creator Consciousness of ALL Infinite Existence & Nil Void Before & Beyond Space Time Illusion? Ready? Set? Create,Love,Live,Play…???

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