SPELLING IS merely cruelly magically casting an evil meaning into an illusory WORST PERSISTENT TORTURE ON EARTH? SPELLED OUT? SORRY? DID MEselves JUST Trinketh TO WRITE THAT OUT LOUD!!! Is it related to math by birth or just CONnected? Who the hected is the HueWoManity in this schpeeled speiling equation? Quill hethey ever get to get her as in together?

CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE, THE fn fm SPELLING CORRECTNESS OR KNOTNESS, JUST GET THE FIRST AND LAST LETTER corectified AND FREE YOUR CREATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS from the magicall mean tongue spelling prison word terms? Not to mentION prison sentences? Linguistemagically redactivating not just your languishing CONsciousNESS but simply notice the essence of a must BE truly great book by John Izzo, Phd. “The Five Thieves of Happiness”. Amazon description says:

Stop Seeking Happiness; Just Get Out of Its Way! GET OUT OF ITS WAY? TIME WARP? Are those 50 years ago Partridge families flying bye up there singing their TV theme song: “Come On Get Happy”.? Write us a letter, we can get it cashed at the hotel?

Happiness is our natural state, for each of us and for humanity as a whole, argues John Izzo. But that happiness is being stolen by insidious mental patterns that he depicts as thieves: the thief of control, the thief of conceit, the thief of coveting, the thief of consumption, and the thief of comfort. He discovered these thieves as he sought the true source of happiness during a year-long sabbatical, walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain and living in the Andes of Peru. This thoughtful and inspiring book describes the disguises these thieves wear, the tools they use to break into our hearts, and how to lock them out once and for all. Izzo shows how these same thieves of personal happiness are destroying society as well. This book will help us all discover, develop, and defend the happiness that is our true nature while creating a world we all want to live in.

Top Nomaza Onzama Azoman Reviews brought up the top one (Meselves Paraphrase sailing hear as well as bubbly babbling flowing downstream of consciousness)?

Three of the five thieves beginning all with C’s begin with CON as in game?

1.Control? BE come? be carefree live life like you are the only conscious existing meditation? BE cause your consciousness is all there is and it IS alone as part of thee god creator all there is consciousness constantly fractally creating existence? IT IS A FREAKIN GAME! HEY CONtroll FREAKS! STOP THE CON. Notice, stop and replace; like LAUGH OUT LOUND RIGHT NOW AsWHOLE? SORRY THAT MEANS ALLus ASSWHOLES ARE PART OF THE WHOLE OF light HueWoManifestITy. PART OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS GAME AS WHOLE?

The babbling brook stream of consciousness coincidentally connects to oceans to the atmosphere to space to galaxies to universes to the infinite oneness before beyond of all there is aloneness of the consciousness existence of god the creator who likes being a gamer? jesus fn christmas sakis in austrailia and yikes ikes mikes likes trikes bikes pikes hikes strikes PSYCHS?

2.CONceit? Con? see it? egoity e go it why? still trying to find yourself, yourselves, ourselves, maybe we just need to find that we are in a CON? A consciousness existence of the creator playing the game alone? A Con Game? SO SEE IT AND notice to stop and replace with something CONnected? certainly not on the con of the knee on someone’s neck? US police forces trained by IDF where to put their knees while arresting suspects? CONnecked. What does any of this matter if when we die we wake up and realize we are just a drop in the ocean of CONsciousness constantly creating the con of existence?

Need a break; can no longer go Con right now?

Anyway, back a gain with a winner, make some mo knee? MONEY? Bow down on your knees? Mo Knee for your wage slave money if not able to do what you truly know and love?

3. Coveting? Covetedness? No con here just outright five thieves of the Sikhs: 1.Lust?, 2.Anger? Wrath at not getting what YOU want?, 3.Greed? WANTS MORE? 4. Addictions? Who can escape breathing oxygen, opening your eyes to the light, drinking water, eating, using all your senses and then straying to excess? 5. Ego? Egoity? Proud Pride? See My Magnificence? ARE WE AWARE OF ENTANGLEMENT YET? SPOOKY ACTION AT A DISTANCE? Diestance?

4. Consumption? AAAAhhhhhh? So great, one Con overtakes the other as our minds can create CONtentment to overcome trying to grasp happiness out of the air as in airhead mind trinketh thoughts IT needs for our CONsumption? Con sum pt ION?

5. Comfort? Change our habits and reactions? What are we the Old Sisters of Mercy just changing our nuns’ habit clothes? Change our re act IONS? There’s that old no un noun ION a gain? “An atom or a group of atoms that has acquired a net electric charge by gaining or losing one or more electrons.”?

No more casting spells hear with evil meanings? Gotta stop rambling, circumcursationing? Gotta Absquatulate (leave abruptly or die?)early out of the CONsciousness stream, dry off and wander off in 2 a rhythm a tic, arithmetic (are i the me tic?) or? MATHEMATICS? HOLY ADD UP THE TwitCHITS, MATE?







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William Tucker

William Tucker

Eternally of THE ONE ALONE Creator Consciousness of ALL Infinite Existence & Nil Void Before & Beyond Space Time Illusion? Ready? Set? Create,Love,Live,Play…???