Simple House? Country Life…?

“Witch Country’s Country?”
“Warlocked Country’s Country?”

HueWoMans alls wants these sames ofs simples ofs savorings ofs life’s offers?

Whose, Whats, Whens, Wheres, Whys ands Mosts ofs alls, Hows?

Countries ofs hives ofs diseases ands illnesses begottens ofs lies?

Refuge, Shelter and Freedom from suffering, stress and worries?

Wisdom, truth, love, kindness and caring compassion to attain a gain again?

All the simples of happiness of health, basic comforts and basic freedoms?

City AND country dwellers need these comforts in their countries’ countries?

Indigenous and us common HueWoMans under relentless systemic attacks?

Endless Technocratic Social Media, MSM, Military, Governmental Anguishes?

Persistent persevering pestilences, insidious infective insecticides deflower?

“Lilacs Lie Lax Alighted Beyond HueWoMans’ Sight in Illusion Wavered in Infrared?”

AI? IT? Giant Beasts Warshipped in Head Room Brains of HueWoMan IT Y?

Perhaps the simpler fire or become the simplifier of all there is? We be is in it?

“Simple House in the Country?”
“Always Checks Theses Roofs Overs Ours Heads?”
“What’s the Gravity of the Situation?”
“Appears to Have Curb Appeal?”
“We Will Blend In?”
“A Little House in the Country?”

Are we there yet?

Laughter? Meditation? Six of one and a half dozen of the other?

Thinking Thankings for Your Thinkings!!!



Infinite Love Always!