Revolution? Civil? War? or ANutter World War? Murder? Violence Solves? An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a…?

Cher? Yes! A Magnificent bless you Cher thought comes to mind? Many years ago on March 4, 1969 Cher and Sonny Bono had a beautiful loved by the world child Chastity who is still loved by the world as Chaz. Chastity was still a young infant child when Cher answered a most basic human question on a talk show where they were discussing gun rights? “If someone killed Chastity in front of you and you had a gun in your hand, what would you do? Immediately the beautiful instant almost forgiving Cher prayer thought out loud: “I do not know!” She went on to say something like she just could not imagine being in such a situation, but if she was, then would be the time for her decision? But she then said something like, she could not imagine ever having a gun in her hand?

Another magnificently grace fulfilling thought comes to mind? The June 17, 2017 Charleston Church Shooting Massacre where nine African Americans were killed by ANutter white SuperMecyst cancer minded lunatic? At the hearing, shooting survivors and relatives of five of the victims spoke to Roof directly, saying that they were “praying for his SOUL” and FORGAVE him. THESE ARE THE SOULS WE WANT TO REPRESENT US AND TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! NOT THE RICH, YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS b ill ion aires who will bring forth ANUTTER war to glorify and feed their evil demigod who feeds off our sufferings as well as their greed in this illusion game?

Been here for 72 Revolutions of this 99% blue ocean earth planet around the sun? Never could possibly imagine a “CIVIL” WAR? AND STILL TRYING TO ASCERTAIN WHAT VIOLENCE HAS ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED OTHER THAN FEEDING THE GROWTH OF MORE EVIL SUFFERING FEEDING WHOM?

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a…?

…whisper it?…can you please?…tooth fairy always and forever for…all… children?

Thinking thankings for thinking?



Eternally of THE ONE ALONE Creator Consciousness of ALL Infinite Existence & Nil Void Before & Beyond Space Time Illusion? Ready? Set? Create,Love,Live,Play…???