Quantumtourtraining Around Seeking the Quantummy Delicious?

Herbert Marshall McLuhan[a] CC (July 21, 1911 — December 31, 1980) was a Canadian philosopher, whose work is among the cornerstones of the study of media theory. Per wiki

Start Android Google Chrome Speech Recognition…

Marshall McLuhan…?

Speech recognition inaction below?

Marshall McLoughlin Marshall McLoughlin Marsha McClellan Marshall mccluen Marshall McClellan Marshall mcluhan Marshall McLoughlin?

Am weselves perplexed yet?

2nd try?
Marshall mcluhan Marshall mcluhan Marshall mcluhan Marshall mcluhan Marshall mcluhan…March all my clue and, March on my clue and, Marshall my clue and, martial my clue and March all my glue and…???

March All on my clue, March all my glue and black goo? EWE!!!

“The Media is the message.” Marshall McLuhan Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, published in 1964.

Are we clueless peasant pissants or clueless pissant peasants???

Thinking Thankings for Thinkings?


Silly Smiler unilliam



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