Please Leave or Fall Away?

This here loony lunatic lounny dumb dumpling dabbling writer volunteers these circumcursational ramblings souly as a volunteer. What? No remunerational renumberizational monetizing funniest Medium monies? Any other interpretations are for unpaid entertainment purposes only and do not portend or insinuate in any way any contractual inference or any legally binding constipated contract law barring bearing any semblance to the 29 second heretofore or theretofore and henceforth Chico and Groucho Marx’s “Sanity Clause Skit”? There really isn’t a Santa Claus? Why all the lies? Especially the parental to young children ones? LOL

Me mother was born in Rossville, TN just east of the lately in the news of murder NEWS Collierville, TN which is just southeast of Memphis, TN. TN is Tennessee, “The Volunteer State”, eh? Her parents got divorced and she ended up with a slight case of polio and was alone in polio quarantine at the age of five? She lived a good life, passing over at 84. She was raised by her shirt tail cousins, married me father who was ruined by WW2 and died at 55. Having been in an artillery unit he was schlepped through Ireland, England, North Africa, Southern Italy, France, Belgium and Germany over the course of four years of his life from 32 to 36? They made the most of their lives and never heard them say evil because they had no evil in their minds, spirits or souls. Perhaps they saw how the dark forces above the wars through the religion, politics, NEWS, etc… to see that international bankings have been destroying the indigenous at a more accelerated pace? This destruction is effecting our mother blue earth and it appears what is taking place now is almost biblical prophesy coming into reality?

Melselves meaning mees, meself and eye eyes sir ams not interested in all the shallow bureaucratic incorporated religions created by the powers that be except that they cause our sufferings? The international banksters seem to be of the synagogue of satan according to the bible? Possibly descendants of the ones Christ threw outta the temple? Trying to reconcile the most important rare simple logical truths one can take from the bible with the reality one can learn from almost 70 years of study of various extremes and majority acceptances is most frustrating? Seemingly group indoctrination smothers the individuality preventing critical thinking and ending up relying on unproven truths accepted and any deviation ends one up in the Con Spiracy GROUP or the anti (fill in your name caller, offended or disparaged or majority here) whether it be banking, science, religion, politics, education or whatever group you submit to? Group Think? Ya Think? “The (“News”)Medium is the Message.”?

In the declining US empire, the FED muni municipal money being fiat as phat as it perhaps may be? Remember governmental means to control mental as in of the mind? But, in all sincere appreciation like the old Bob Goldthwait joke basically says: Lost my job the other day…aaaaaaaggghh!!!…didn’t really lose it, it is still there where it was yesterday, but when arriving today, somebody else was doing IT? So if we got rid of all the evildoers, some others would just take their place? Yikes!!! Build back bigger better before and beyond we catch on? Is it the alien motto of the be easts of the Sycamore quantum processor? Sick em more? Who let the dogs out?

Anyway, this meselves fishes has been caught and released so many times for digression that the result is almost a recession of Congress where the word Congress in some dictionaries means sexual intercourse as the number five noun usage (Sorry did not medal in the top three?)

So to me followers who nevers shows up by letting me know since they probably is really outside outta of doors and not really reading. Please, vacate, leave or fall by the wayside to be composted into the likes of the 1933 movie “The Good Earth”. Thoughts of following you are so vaporized and composited into other component thoughts it is impossible to improve our hypergamy forward to our possible bigamy upwards? In other words otra vez? Porque, perhaps? We must transition to worshiping our consciousness which is all one with the creator forever and we are all one alone eternal infinite bored being acting as individuals on a path of experiencing everything from being a grain of sand to being a cannibalistic galaxy in love with another galaxy? AND our beingness here is not even capable of beginNing to comprehend truth. Perhaps some higher beings have higher uses for US? Perhaps our extinction will be beneficial and all the higher ones causing it will fall into their own trap with their own evil leaders?

Getting back to the followers? Please insert your own Silent Animation here, hear? As weselves just uncovered the discovery that the majority of those that follow us really want to be followed? Duh?… you think? youself? Dumby unilliam, is that a Stew Pit in yo numb skull, dummkopf or nincompoop numskull?

Disclaimer: Failure to abruptly abscond via legal absquatulation clause! Depart from this disservitudianal diserviced dissuade cut outta whole cloth mirage or your ethereal etherium may never be returned to your cryptowallet, whether the weathered leather teepee be hard or soft? Yikes, did meselves just “writ” this as a WarRant against the dark forces out loud before the Judge?

Judge not lest yee be judged? By yo selves or bye yo selves?

Have we left or are we fallen away? Please Leave or Fall Away?

Thinking Thankings for Thinkings!





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