Now See This! Now Hear Here This?

William Tucker
3 min readDec 23, 2020


Yup? Your Up Life on the Line? or Move Down on Under? Author?

Eyes can see clearly now the reign is down? Are we facing our bookings or has the matrix just been tuned into Covidision? My OMG can beat up your OMG?

Are We Screwed or Just out of Folkus? by Autnothor?

Is it my insisted tree or my ancestried to ancestree or is IT just industry to the incestree? Thus is our buddy, they lives in our ensconcementations or are they thussed pictured on a screen cameRA into our screeny thingies? Just turn on your CovidCoronavision and Perhaps, just may be thus “WE CAPTURE THEM” as they eat our emotions? The good aliens eat our well intentioned emotions from thoughts originating from their dimension and the bad aliens eat our evil intended emotions or the game is the good intentioned from their dimension against the evil intended from their dimension? We only been working on it for fn eternity and we must be imprisoned in this dimension because the entropy matters as the magically spelled dictionaried to us?

“T” Dock? Tik IT Tee Off, Ticket Tee Tok, Timed We Reset hOUR C See Sea LOCK?

So we sucker our zuckerburgers rights from the farm to the pharmings to the Hoe spi tal IT ease then into the I See Use ICU’s add in fin it um? Or me di… um?

MAGA Witch Dragons Came Puffin Thus Smoke? Naught Her? Author?
With Witches Violet Lies Lax Her Inhales Be Hailed Upon Her Desires of Expired Inspires? Bye Off Her?

What due you say now, what have yee to slay, be us upon yUP this day?

Wait, weigh it Maat, where we be away not so far, but there we be before…

after…and beyond, for there we find it the finite as we finite our days ajar?

Bestrive the bedriven through the Prince of the Air becometh Y UP the living

Eternal game could IT be may that IT could bestray closed today and us stay

The execution of blue mother earth as the moon bereddens and stars befall

We all fall down around the pole and may be just perhaps win we this tray

of interconnected imprisoned beminded, bespirited, besouled us be infinite

before after and beyond the frightful night full of our sorrowings suffraged

in chaos of the honor and glory of the demigod levels of joyous times be this

Wireless Why are less be our fate upon whatever calendar call end our date?

The Y not take a time out from the illusion delusion space be mattered beyond

a line the thesand the straight be the water between green Lily pads livings

Line Bedrawn Be Not Sand? May Be Twixted Between Green Lightly Lilocked Lily Padded Lives? Bye AU Thor?
Green Shores Be Brightly Alighted and HueWoManity Be Not Frighted by Thorses Self Knighted? From Author?
Fresh Be Be Refreshed Back to Call Our Next Play? Author?
Tik Dock Ebbs Away as Violet the MaGentilike Mother Becometh Earth in Play? Author

Thinking Thankings for Thinkings!





William Tucker

Eternally of THE ONE ALONE Creator Consciousness of ALL Infinite Existence & Nil Void Before & Beyond Space Time Illusion? Ready? Set? Create,Love,Live,Play…???