Mass Menticide and Apeirophobia?

A Never Ending Performance by Narcissistic, Schizophrenic, Psychopathic, Greedy ELites?

Author UIR Image “Restlessly Lost in the Forest?”

Where is the coherence of inherent stability of a real true blue objective reality?

Menticide is the destruction or undermining of a mental independence in order to alter beliefs. Dependence on exterior necessities is a HueWoMan condition. Our bodies need oxygen and energy to live. This material space time illusion is a matrix before and beyond our grasp?

Apeirophobia is fear of infinity or eternity. But wait a minute…? Do not the quantum mechanical physicists tell us that their is infinity between the subatomic particles that make up the atoms that make up our molecules that make up our bodies? So…we are afraid of our own infinite space between ourselves? Between our spiritual makeup…between our ethereal (ether real?) Souls?

The Great Reset IS THE Schism of Narcissistic, Schizophrenia of the Psychopathic Psychiatric Tricks? IT includes the Failure to acknowledge the psycho greedy rulers acting and masquerading while simultaneously promoting themselves as our saviors? Remember the 2010 “THE GIVING PLEDGE” where all the American billionaires agreed to divest their wealth? Well, check out the ten year update here. “Our ongoing analysis of Giving Pledge signers has yielded two primary discoveries so far. One is that while some Pledgers earnestly intend to fulfill their promises, many are unable to because their assets are simply growing too fast. The second is that many Pledgers will likely fulfill their pledge by giving to a private family foundation instead of to direct working charities, potentially creating perpetual family-controlled institutions that may exist for generations. This raises concerns that what began as a civic-minded initiative to spur generosity may serve to concentrate hereditary private wealth and power at taxpayer expense. Billionaire Assets are growing at a rate to fast to give away.

“GROWING TO FAST TO GIVE AWAY”?…and my penis is getting to erect to ever use again?

Religion, Science and Governmental obfuscation rulings; mental mind control rules; stress techniques capture minds…spirits…souls?

All levels of perception are altered alterations but we can leave our minds…

YES! Leave our minds and their information behind for quantum computers to die? Gest? Truncate into ELectric Cryptocurrency? They are all extruding from the mirage of fractional banking controls that rule the faux fake government stell pens of countries that their organizational structures grasp us in? The UN United Nations endlessly squabbling waring games ad infinitum?

Subjugated subjects via Ultimate Fears of Suffering and Death?

Massive News Drummings via the black mirror devised devices of material bodily death? Transhumanism? Sounds like a Star Wars Robotic Race Fantasy? Witch poor Ray Cyst demented grifting greed feeders are acting out that one?

Orchestrated modes of enforcement regulations? IT isn’t sanity; IT is insanity?

Real reality is really subjective? The new reality is grown up to group thinks? From birth to family to family trees in 3D to Social Media (So Shall Me Die? Aggh?)

Author UIR Image “A Real Reality Clearing Clearly Clear?”

We see so little of the wide Electromagnetic Spectrum when in reality our conscious eternal blissful awareness is beyond all energy, matter, space and time in a nil void of what we would conceive as darkness or the devoid void of nil or no light nothingness? The infinity of nothingness, except the Big Bang game where the exploding one alone creator decided to laugh out loud and “IT MATTERED” into the eerie feary hypotheticals of basically 72% “Dark Energy” 23% Dark Matter and the comedy matter of MATTER 5%. The Mathemagicians and Mythematicians will argue over the exactness monster?

We close our eyes and see it, we strive to reach it in intentionally mindless meditations? Just close your eyes for an instant and non see the nil void darkness of the alone one who creates and plays these games involves bliss and excited fear feeding frenzies?

Once the strength of the soul overcomes the pain perceived by the mind attenuated brain there is no fear of acknowledging our oneness and our eternal infinitive boredom of … … …?

Poker analogy? The ELite have Apeirophobia and a Paranoia or a pair of phobias and a pair annoy ya? They have a pair of Kings and a pair of Queens. We HueWoMans have an obvious full house so we easily win, eh?

Last but not least, we are ruled in this illusion by those who control usury, compound interest and international bankings? THEY ARE Those who are never able to be consistently and directly criticized and are now protected as now censored by the Technocracy? Perhaps THEY could even be as in the movie “They Live” by John Carpenter?

Each of ALL are the SOULution SOLution?

Author UIR Image “Lilacs Thy Soul?”
Author UIR Image “Willow Thy Soul?”

Thinking Thankings for Thinkings?


Silly Smiler unilliam



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William Tucker

William Tucker

Eternally of THE ONE ALONE Creator Consciousness of ALL Infinite Existence & Nil Void Before & Beyond Space Time Illusion? Ready? Set? Create,Love,Live,Play…???