“Joy in Tigertown” by Mickey Lolich and Tom Gage…’68 World Series

Thanks for the Great Memories at a Time When We All Needed Them

Dedicated To Mickey, your family (especially your grand kids), Tom Gage, and all the Tiger fans and anyone for that matter, lucky enough to read this really super book!

Disclaimer: Grew up thinking “Who the hell says you have to be a yankee fan if you live in NY?” Became a Detroit Tiger fan in 1963 at 14 years old, the summer our Dad died from the after effects of WW2 finally taking him. Had my heart broken by our country’s treatment of non whites which exploded into the ‘67 riots across our country. It is the Personal opinion of many many baseball fans for at least 33 years that Mickey Lolich should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown New York even if only for just his three complete game wins accomplishments in that amazing ’68 World Series?

Funny how googlemaps says it is EXACTLY 68 miles from our house to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame Building? HOW quantummy entangled is the enlightment of that circular 68 Batting Donut? Hopefully as good as the donuts you Mickey and your wife Joyce used to work so hard to make in your 2nd careers! Even though Dunkin Donuts went public in SIXTY EIGHT, you were still certainly way ahead with your curve? Perhaps Detroit should still be running on Mickey’s Donuts? Amazing that Disney never tried to sue you? LOL

What about the doughnut you used in the on deck circle on Al Kaline’s borrowed bats to hit your one and only career most amazing homer, single and RBI walk in WS game two? Did you even need to use a donut? LOL

One more quantum entanglement is had a member of audit staff 43 years ago whose wife’s parents were neighbors of the Kalines? It’s a small world Mickey but your career and book are sure dam big!!!

Anyway, have visited the HOF place a dozen times over the years and it is way overrated except for possibly the actual induction weekend, but then that might turn out like your game seven breakfast that left you hungry in the seventh inning when Bill Freehan came out to the mound to see what was up and you guys were talking about how hungry you were!!!LOL Did we say LOL?

1968 Annual HOF game in Cooperstown: As meself was on the other side of the bus looking in the windows for your autograph, my wife got Al Kaline’s autograph in 68 as he got on the bus. She told me Al could tell she was so shy in asking that he politely boosted her spirits by replying to her request “Anything for you honey.” As the HOF game is standings meaningless, hopefully you guys enjoyed the win over the great Great Roberto Clemente and his Pirates? OYLER HIT A SOLO HOMER!
HOF is great to visit by oneself or as or with youngsters, but do not go there that often even though it is only 68 miles away, EXACTLY? LOL

Last time there met a great couple our age from Detroit and the memories we shared were beyond priceless just the way your “JOY IN TIGERTOWN” book brings them back like one of your COMPLETE GAMES!
Saw one of your 36 strikeouts of Yaz in Fenway and it was on three pitches!!! As he came around from his super strong missing swing he broke his bat on purpose hitting the ground! He was so mad could hear his expletives quite clearly four rows back behind Boston on deck circle. How we got the tickets so cheap and not even knowing where they were located is another story.LOL

Detroit catcher John Wockenfuss’s info about how Nolan Ryan used to telegraph his fastball was well worth the price of this really classy classic baseball literary masterpiece from a verily very real master on the mound!!!



Thinking Thankings for Thinkings!


Silly Smiller unilliam



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