Can’t think of the words?

Make them anew… thoughts through love?

Comes naturally…?

Bye Dictionary…?



Think it clearly through…

Assure all will know it too?


Make Believe? Pretend?

Maketend love it be for all…

Burn simpler deeper!

The great simpler fire?

Deep truth creator be all?!

All deep in us all?

OCD? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? or Obviously Completely Dedicated? or for all us OCD Shoppers in isle BUY? Only Cheap and Discounted?

Infinite emoji love thanks to Mr. Terry Mansfield for original Haiku InspiritualiNations! Thanks to my loving sister for initiating the Make Believe and Pretend into the Maketend when she was only three years old or rotationized over a thousand times by Mother Blue!

May all the Creator’s pieces of peace BE in pieces of your favorite pies baked over the warm loving heat of all the simplerfiers?

Thinking thankings four times…for two the nth of thinkings?


Silly Smiler unilliam



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William Tucker

William Tucker

Eternally of THE ONE ALONE Creator Consciousness of ALL Infinite Existence & Nil Void Before & Beyond Space Time Illusion? Ready? Set? Create,Love,Live,Play…???