Author Infrared Image “What a Screened Game Ensconcement?” (Repeat Performance)

Eternal Acting?

Not Knowing All Lines Alone

Racing Thoughts Abound

Before Beyond Games?

Such Strange Stuff Life Be Made of?

Breathe Covet Create

Mandelbrot Fractal

Simply Play Our Life Time Lines


Space Time Illusion

Matter Senses Space Nature

Void Anxiety

Reruns Remember

RailRoadway Rides About

Meditate Peace Path

Author Infrared Image “Rusted Pieces Peace Bridge to Refuge?”

Lost Brains Dement Minds?

Right of Way Be Where IT IS?

Enlightenment Screens?

Author Infrared Image “Playing Nay Boards Near Neighbors We Sigh an’ Cyan?”


Just Edward Bernays Sauce Please

Torches Women Free

Tobacco Roads to…

Advertorturemeants Abound

Music? M U SICK?

Submarine our brains

Our CON Shush Nest Be Voided

Diction Illusion?

Our Final Curtains Fall

Truth Bites Our Behinds A Gain

Villains Hard to Play?

Could IT BE That Way?

Game Overt Souls See IT True

ALL Alone is ALL?

Author Infrared Image “Some Players’ Dock Vacations Between Summer Stock Plays of Overt Games of Life?”

Always trying to simplify the game or play acting of the eternal creative action of the all alone one infinite creator consciousness? Panpsychism ad infinitum? or the Eternal Paths of the Psyche?

Original Haiku inspirations from Terry Mansfield Thank you!

Thinking Thankings for Thinkings?


Silly Smiler unilliam

P. S. Food Advertorturments = BeHereBeerBrainSnackingWorstEat2Bite?

Eternally of THE ONE ALONE Creator Consciousness of ALL Infinite Existence & Nil Void Before & Beyond Space Time Illusion? Ready? Set? Create,Love,Live,Play…???