Dictation Coins of Neologistic Protologisms of Food Sufferages?

Softly Sleeping Sunlight Photosynthesizes and Huely Cues Our Retina Cones…or Humus Helps HueWoMans Hearts Higher…?

Reaching Wild and Free from Mother Blue Earth’s Sunny Silenced Alightedness…?

Dictators dictate our symbols then they dictate the terms of our words in imprisoned sentences so we all understand as in standing under the meanness of their spelled meanings before and beyond our comPREhensions?

Or dare we coin our own word terms into the fraysnesses of sound waves and our own dictated signed language smitten writtens? Must our counterfeited coined terms be overstated to be free?

The fifteenth round tko or the technical tech no logical knowked out newcological acrobatic acronyms of the alien acronyisms alast be beastly AI as in Acronym Ingested?

Neologism? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neologism

Protologism? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protologism

We’re the FugOWwe and we Suffer for their Supper?

Thinking Thankings for Thinkings?

Namaste or the D vinelyness grows in the D voided nil B tween and B twixt the creation of sub atomics from the boarded up Maxed out Plancks of the Kali at the Con CERNed part icle Co Slider?

Henceforth, forewith and therefore all these assorted Stored stories with be worked playings edited into and for in as much ass in line as the particles of the first part parties with the parties of the 2nd particle?

Wholely insanity clause did we just think all this into written forms of writs out loud from me B rainynesses of electrical synaptic firings? Knowbility be praised for their no ability to govermentally wash our mindlessnessed brains?


Silly Smiler unilliam

One more understanding underwater?



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William Tucker

William Tucker

Eternally of THE ONE ALONE Creator Consciousness of ALL Infinite Existence & Nil Void Before & Beyond Space Time Illusion? Ready? Set? Create,Love,Live,Play…???