Absquatulation By Circumcursation?

A… B…C…?

“Absquatulation”? by Author


1. To depart in a hurry; abscond: “Your horse has absquatulated!” (Robert M. Bird).

2. To die.

Perhaps many if not more than (insert Halloween Zombie poll numbness here) percent can now say “Dreamed last night that the POTUS absquatulated?


If one does not know the MEANing of by, by now, perhaps it is time to say bye bye and absquatulate on by?

Halloween? Happy Halloween? Trick or Treat? Ghosts, ghouls and goblins?

Nah…candy and party by right outta here by saying Bye to the Edwin L. Bernays PR Sauce more appropriately known as Advertising BS target practice?

Abstracted ads, betracked BS, cracked consumerism, detracted demonic designed demonstrations, extracted everyone everything everywhere?…?

Nah…medicate, meditate and mixed alcoholic drinks, beer, chasers, Drugs?


“Wannabe Warbler Wonders Wires Ramblin About

The act of running about, or rambling language.

See Allman Brothers Band? “Ramblin’ Man” or alimony was really acrimony? Nothing personal, it’s just mo’knee mony money makes the world go round…in the act of running about or rambling language?

The probability of you wanting me outta here is off the crocodial by now?


Did meselves just write all of this out loud?

Thinking thanks for thinking?