A Dolt of Enlightening or a Supernova of a Jobbernowl with a Mooncalf?

Where am we, behind the tree or in front of IT?

Anyway, the best things about meselves is having escaped a mooncalf birth, being in love with spirituality and glad meself ain’t someone else? So using the oldy song as a springboard dive “If You Wanna Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life” make it your goal to realize who you IS? You aint your body, you aint your brain and yo sure as hell aint your heart and other organs? You is the hard problem of consciousness? Panpsychism? (Why the f does Me die UM’s (Medium) spell checker always continue to say it is spelt wrong. It ain’t Jesus Christmas and Santa word casting spells or is it? ANYWAY ALL THERE IS IS CONSCIOUSNESS! Acronym those Tits Up! Mrs. Maisel? AATIIC?

In the 1950's? Plunk Your Magic Twanger Froggy and buy me a 57 Chevy?

Now in the 2020's? How the frig is a Miss Speak a friggin Ms. Take or is the fn Mrs. Peaker wherein her fn face diaper? Mr.’d or misterd did mistake no notice nor did Every FN1 give a chit unless use puttin crypto in me hardware 233 password keys protected wallet? So f off witya and your sense of reality cause no 2 alike no MATTER how growed up you tinks yo group is?

Trying to relay growing up in A Me Rica…sigh…under the thumb of the Rich Rica Ray Cysts who we all had to schlep for in some form or udder as we goyim due knew due as in the rent or the mortgage is due? Oh, and of course meself, parents AND OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS TO must work our asses off so wee willy kiddies can group gro up and go to College and be like money grubbing professional sex workers and… succeed? AND then they we wash and repeat for two gens and WTF 86% of college grads with an average (fill in the blank here) in debt are schlepping their goyim asses back home to live with mommy and/or daddy.

We senior useless eaters learned about money almost before we learned how to place our alpha bets because you learned numbers pretty fast when you realize at age three that one penny candy costs MONEY and how much money progresses and its values control all life on this torture planet from mo’knee to ban kings to polyticks to re legions to all, aint tat wright parent f’ers? Boomers really probably do deserve the lowering of the boom on them? Many Angry Birds are around playing their games?

Who’s afraid of whose big bad virgin IA AI Wolf or How Greed Thieves Hath Possesseth HueWoManity.

Have read half of Me father’s letters to me mother written during World War Two. Me father’s WW2 TOUR OF DUTY consisted of Ireland, England, North Africa, sunny mosquito infested southern Italy(that’s what the Dad died at 55 from a blood clot at the base of his brain that they operated on and f’d up when meself was only a stupid 14? My uncle, dad’s brother, said at 85 that the hardest thing for him was to overcome laziness. Me behind is so lazy at 73.

Whose afraid of Virginia Wolf the goddess of stream of consciousness which is an interior mental monologue? Mrs Dalloway is a remarkable novel in which she walks in the shoes of different characters reflecting their ideas until readers get confused. Perhaps a rephrase of the question? Whose afraid of whose big bad virgin IA AI Wolf or how the be ill ion air techno greed thieves stole the plan to transhumanise us HueWoMans?

Prana energy from sleep is a must for us HueWoMans as (scientifically proven?) we cannot live without it beyond 10–14days

Not much of a writer here? Just take pictures give em captions below them and then write stories around them or if really bored, write the story, press the select a pic button and voila give em a caption quote and insert em where they fit?

Thinking Thankings for Thinkings!


Silly Smiler unilliam



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William Tucker

William Tucker

Eternally of THE ONE ALONE Creator Consciousness of ALL Infinite Existence & Nil Void Before & Beyond Space Time Illusion? Ready? Set? Create,Love,Live,Play…???