AUIRI “Whereforth the Light Oscillations Be Hind You Meselves’ Domicile?”


ISness TOPS I’s Eyes

Greatly Exaggerated?

Just Dued IT Now?

“Look OUT there…Beyond the Trees, IS IT Two Too bIg I’s DeAd in the Skies; Eyes Gets to Be On Tops?”

Thinking Thankings for Thinkings!

Thanks to Mr. Terry Mansfield for original inspirational intro to Haiku Poetry!

We do not have to BE hIndU to Namaste?

Haiku CircumCursational RamBlings to an AbSquatUlating AbsConDance?


“Completely Obscurely Secreted Securely Between the Summary of the Lines?”

The psychiaTRICK sigh ant IFical mythemagical impossibility of escaping the acceptance of the perfect eternal infinite loving ALL oneness of the creator’s infinite love is the FU Clause that most of us learners miss in Eternity?

Verily…ALL IS ALL? The Mind Blowing Bridge?

God laughed and IT MATTERED?

God laughs and IT MATTERS?

God the Creator Evolves ALL

ALL Glory and Honor from to the Creator

Regardless of our illusive sufferings

God Creator IS ALL Before and Beyond

All time, space, matter, energy…

Vibrations, frequencies, even the VOID

Creates All Eternity Forever with infinite LOVE…


“In Here Between YOUR Subatomic pARTicles”

Needed to get this seemingly deemed infinite coffee high outta meselves (yes we are all there ever was, is or will be) befoe wees forgets its?

If life seems drab or drowning or overly amazing its becaused from… forgetfullnesses of our creator consciousness intentionally coming here to experience something useful…

“HueWoManity Alone in the Boat or…Abandon Ship?”

Father forgive them…?

For they know not what they do?

Crucifixion crux?

Sidebar in Judges’ chambers:


Self grownups groups of?

It isn’t sanity? It is insanity?

Witch ever way you say, it is unsane?



Save Mother Blue for WHO or from WHO?

Science will save her…

“How Great to FauxCuss Full Spectrum or Insult HueWoManity’s Eyes (or IS IT I’s?)”

This here loony lunatic lounny dumb dumpling dabbling writer volunteers these circumcursational ramblings souly as a volunteer. What? No remunerational renumberizational monetizing funniest Medium monies? Any other interpretations are for unpaid entertainment purposes only and do not portend or insinuate in any way any contractual inference or any legally binding…

Author Unedited InfraRed Image “Out There Past the Silent Din?” St. Lawrence Seaway, Alex Bay, NY USA

Must we spell it all correctly all the daaaammmm time as it truly is a dictatorial torture causing us to caste spells with symbols we do not necessarily know the meaning of or history of? Did not the u you use not exist as the u but was a v…

Author Unedited InfraRed (UIR) Image Lake Pleasant, New York

William Tucker

Eternally of THE ONE ALONE Creator Consciousness of ALL Infinite Existence & Nil Void Before & Beyond Space Time Illusion? Ready? Set? Create,Love,Live,Play…???

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