Author UIR Imaged “A Fair Way to Foursome?”

Legal Disclaimer: Caption for above image is subject to various linguistic interpretations and is strictly for entertainment purposes only and definitely prevents any physical pairamutualing allowed in the stay die…um?

The image shows the foreground tree on the golf tee about to tee up the ball?

Wonder what the other three trees are rudely rootly whispering to each other as the foregrounded tree digs in ITS golf cleats before teasingly tree tees off? Sigh ants have told us that they know the trees COMEmunicate and talk to each other in their root languages as they rootly touch each other and…

Author UIR Image “Hears the Pitch; Can You See the Curve Coming?”

Inspired by ELecTrick UnIverse, Realativity and the Germ “Theories?”

Infrared Sylphs?

Author UIR Image “Sylphs to Fantasia to Chernabog?”

HueWoManity’s Plight?

A How Do We Do? Haiku

Author UIR Image “Hope Before or Beyond the Seasonal Plight of Summer?”

Love’s crushing burden!

ALL crashing graces bestowing!

Spirited hearts broke?

Mind brains switched off?

Solitariness alone?

Where forth ships of love?

Moon moments vanished!

Embodied Souls gain retrain?

Moonlight chills loves lost,

Matter duels with itself?

Awareness clothes sad cloaks ensconce

Itinerant plights?

Author Image “No Plates or Cutlery Needed for Four Socks Entangled Together and One by Itself? Fresh Outta the Washer or Dryer Ovens? Very Quantummy Deliciously EntangleDemented?”

So the last thing meselves did before going to bed around 11:11? LOL last night was take the laundry out of the dryer and bring it upstairs for folding as me bestest half Arlibeast was fast asleepest. The pic above shows some of meselves’ socks entangled most unusually? Am sure many have seen more such entanglements but this is me losing me entanglement virginity here at 73 folks? Blissings upon yee, please bare your minds our patients as we examine dish fherder?

So earlier this same last night, was sending a few Marcus Aurelius Antonius quotes to our two suns…

Quantumtourtraining Around Seeking the Quantummy Delicious?

Author Image “Ethereal Waifs Above the Lilacs?”


Author UIR Image “Not Your Average Gates of Hell Image?”

Extremism…? Ex…stream…ism…?

Author Image East Branch Sacandaga River Between Wells and Speculator, NY

Simplicity…simple city? Significant…sign if I cant? Insane?…Unsane?

Spelling Word Terms and Forming Sentences? Casting Spells? Streams of Consciousness of the Thoth Taught Taut Thoughts?

Sacandaga has been mentioned as ‘Land of the Waving Grass’. Other interpretations of the Native American Iroquois origin in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate NY is “drowned water” probably referring to the marshland of the Vly or “drowned land” referring to the flooding in the spring?

A Never Ending Performance by Narcissistic, Schizophrenic, Psychopathic, Greedy ELites?

Author UIR Image “Restlessly Lost in the Forest?”

Where is the coherence of inherent stability of a real true blue objective reality?

Menticide is the destruction or undermining of a mental independence in order to alter beliefs. Dependence on exterior necessities is a HueWoMan condition. Our bodies need oxygen and energy to live. This material space time illusion is a matrix before and beyond our grasp?

Apeirophobia is fear of infinity or eternity. But wait a minute…? Do not the quantum mechanical physicists tell us that their is infinity between the subatomic particles that make up the atoms that make up our molecules that make up our bodies…

A Dolt of Enlightening or a Supernova of a Jobbernowl with a Mooncalf?

Author UIR Image “Shadowed Blockhead Supernova in Tree D”

Where am we, behind the tree or in front of IT?

Anyway, the best things about meselves is having escaped a mooncalf birth, being in love with spirituality and glad meself ain’t someone else? So using the oldy song as a springboard dive “If You Wanna Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life” make it your goal to realize who you IS? You aint your body, you aint your brain and yo sure as hell aint your heart and other organs? You is the hard problem…

William Tucker

Eternally of THE ONE ALONE Creator Consciousness of ALL Infinite Existence & Nil Void Before & Beyond Space Time Illusion? Ready? Set? Create,Love,Live,Play…???

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